All That You Need to Know regarding the Independence of India

Independence Day of India is an outstanding holiday for every citizen of this state. Celebrate it on August 15th. The history of the holiday begins in 1947, it was then that the population of India began to celebrate its independence from Britain.

On August 15, 1947, an act proclaiming Indian Independence (Indian Independence Act) came into effect. Also on this day, the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru raised the tricolor flag of India in the presence of a large number of people. It happened in Delhi, above the walls of the Red Fort.

Since then, the history of India seemed to have begun anew – the history of a new, independent state. Independence Day is celebrated annually in almost all Indian cities, as well as villages. A solemn ceremony is held, which is traditional and unchanging in its rules. Local authorities are always pronounced speech this is a kind of ritual.

Politicians make an introduction each time, in which they remind of the history of the holiday, about how hard India got its freedom. This is followed by stories about the immutability of the traditions of the national liberation struggle. This is a part of the india’s independence day now.

Historical past

Let’s go back in history. It all began with the establishment of the trade and economic sea route to the West. After India made such a move, European traders decided to take possession of the Indian subcontinent and the surrounding territories. Already in the 18th century, the peninsula was ruled by England.

Poor living conditions, which were provided by colonial policies, caused uprisings. So in the 19th century the national liberation movement began, mostly organized by the workers. Increasingly, meetings and strikes were held, the British government tried in every way to stop them, but the attempts were in vain.

Most of the rallies were arranged to raise wages, improve working conditions and reduce the number of working hours. As a result, trade unions were formed – societies consisting of ordinary citizens who advocated the expansion of their rights. The struggle for liberation from the colonization of England became widespread and constantly increased in scale, more and more people became supported by the trade unions.

Headed this struggle Mahatma Gandhi, a very famous person

The name of this person today is familiar to every inhabitant of India and far beyond its borders. Gandhi was an ordinary man who organized boycotts and strikes.

Once he came to the government for negotiations not in formal clothes, as was customary, but in ordinary clothes, which shocked the authorities.

Strike Continuation

Boycotts arose not only in factories. Students and schoolchildren went on strike. Another important requirement was the unification of the Muslim and Hindu religions, which could not be accomplished for a long time. It was precisely the disunity of the two beliefs that for a long time created obstacles for the state to gain independence.

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